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  • Why County High Points?One of the best things about having a goal to complete all County High Points is that it will take you to parts of Utah you never thought to explore. It gets you to step out of your comfort zone, explore new mountain ranges, and help you learn to enjoy the “not so pretty parts” of Utah. Exploring all these summits generally gets you away from people, except extremely popular summits such as Mt.Timpanogos or Mt.Nebo, for example. It gets you away from crowds, allows you to explore something completely new, you get a free full-body workout without having to go to a gym, you can choose to spend time alone or with friends, and the fresh air feeds the soul. Most of these hikes can be completed in one day; others will require backpacking skills and gear. This book also includes 20 “Bonus Peaks” that every peak bagger should mark off their Utah list! Let’s get exploring!

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