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  • Genuine Military Surplus
  • Size: 34 R
  • 1947
  • Good Used Condition
  • Has a couple snags
  • The origins of the Olive Drab Wool Field Jacket, or “Ike Jacket” as it was fondly known, were rooted in the failures of both the wool service coat and olive drab field jacket to perform effectively in combat situations. Senior officers in the ETO became convinced by example of the British Battle Dress that a similar outfit, featuring a short wool jacket made of thick, coarse wool, would be the most suitable for US troops campaigning in Europe. Despite the Army’s recent shift in clothing doctrine that separated dress and combat items into distinctive categories, the ETO Command subscribed to the dual purpose uniform concept believing that a combination of combat effectiveness and smartness of appearance went hand in hand and was a critical factor in maintaining morale and discipline. The ETO Command’s unshakable belief in this type of uniform was held firm until the wool jacket was finally authorized for production in early 1944, thus ensuring its place in the Army’s new universal combat uniform. Though the Ike Jacket would become a popular and well recognized garment of the WW II period, delays in its development, procurement, and delivery resulted in, for the most part, its being left out of combat on continental Europe. In the end, much time and effort went into the development of a garment that was unable to fulfill its intended purpose.

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Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 6 in


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