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  • Heater, Space, Radiant, Large (H-45)
  • Stove allows Gas cans to fuel the unit with the fuel of your choice (Gasoline, diesel fuel, etc)
  • Stack Cap Assembly
    -Stack Pipes -Burner Reaming Tool -Lid Assembly
    -Top Heater Shell -Burner Cap Assembly
    -High Fire Ring Clamp -High Fire Ring
    -Burner Shell Assembly -Superheater
    -Downtube -Burner Uptube
    -Heater Body Base -Fuel Flow Control -Base Heater Door
    -Primer Cup -Bracket Support
    -Flow Control Burner Hose Assembly -Primer Valve
    -Overflow Hose Assembly -Supply
    -Flow Control Hose Assembly -Gravity Feed Adapter
    -Flue Damper -Spark Arrester


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