• Holds 4.8 Gallons of Fresh Water for Repeated Flushing
  • Self-Contained Holding Tank Store 5.3 gallons of Waste
  • Snap-Down Lid Fastens Securely
  • Ergonomically-Designed Seat Offers Extra Comfort
  • Locking Slide Valve for One-Handed Flushing
  • Separate Compartment for Chemical Storage
  • Molded Handles for Easy Carrying
  • Tank Comes Apart for Easy Waste Disposal and Cleaning
  • Great for Trailers, Camping, Cabins and Boats

The Coleman Portable Large Flush Toilet is an essential for outdoor enthusiasts, providing you with a convenient and hygienic solution for waste management. It holds 4.8 gallons of fresh water, enabling repeated flushing, and a self-contained 5.3-gallon holding tank for waste. The ergonomically designed seat ensures extra comfort, while the snap-down lid fastens securely. Its innovative design includes a locking slide valve allowing for easy, one-handed flushing and a separate compartment for chemical storage. With molded handles, it’s effortless to carry, and the tank disassembles for simple waste disposal and cleaning. This toilet is an excellent choice for use in trailers, camping, cabins, and boats, offering the comforts of home in any outdoor setting. This is why it’s perfect to use while you’re camping in Utah, Wyoming, Idaho, or anywhere else!

Additional information

Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 18 × 16 in