The Utah Rock Climbing Guide: The Best Places To Go

Utah Rock Climbing

The Utah Rock Climbing Guide: The Best Places To Go

Utah rock climbing offers unparalleled diversity, with climbs suited to people of all experience levels. Whether you’re looking for a climbing gym to perfect your technique or a traditional route up granite cliffs, Utah has it all. 

From the limestone cliffs near Logan to the sandstone of Moab, our Utah rock climbing guide will take you through the best places–indoors and outdoors–to get your climbing fix.

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The Best Places for Outdoor Rock Climbing in Utah

When it comes to Utah rock climbing, the outdoors offers a unique mix of climbing routes with everything from granite to sandstone climbs. Whatever region of the state you’re in, you’re practically guaranteed to find a climbing route nearby. Here are some of the best places for outdoor Utah rock climbing. 


Salt Lake City may be a bustling metropolis, but just southeast of the city you’ll find canyons filled with world-class rock climbing routes. Both Big Cottonwood and Little Cottonwood Canyon offer climbing for people of all abilities. If you’re a total beginner or looking to improve, Snowbird in Little Cottonwood Canyon even offers climbing lessons during the summer. 

Little Cottonwood Canyon is defined by granite cliffs with a number of classic, multi-pitch traditional routes, like the Pfeifferhorn and the Gate Buttress. For bouldering, look to areas like the Gate Boulders and the Secret Garden. Big Cottonwood Canyon, on the other hand, is filled with quartzite cliffs. The S-Curves is a popular sport climbing area with a range of routes for all abilities. The Bongeater is known for its steep sport routes, and Coalpit Gulch offers a mix of the two styles. 


Next on our tour of Utah rock climbing spots is Logan, which provides a mix of sport climbs and bouldering for intermediate to advanced climbers. Logan Canyon is made up of both limestone and quartzite cliffs, with over 400 sport climbing routes in a variety of difficulty levels. The Z Crack and Mini Pinnacle are great for climbers just starting off, while the China Wall offers a number of difficult bolted sport climbing routes. 

In nearby Blacksmith Fork Canyon, just northeast of Logan, you’ll find a mix of both traditional and sport climbs on limestone and quartzite. This area is known for its beautiful scenery and uncrowded routes perfect for intermediate and advanced climbers. And finally, if bouldering is what you’re looking for, Beaver Mountain has several bouldering problems scattered throughout forested terrain. 

St. George

Located in the southwest corner of the state, St. George is surrounded by Utah rock climbing routes up sandstone cliffs. Snow Canyon State Park offers both sport and traditional climbing routes with stunning desert scenery. Within the park, Black Rocks is a popular area with dark basalt cliffs and climbs for climbers of all abilities, while Chuckawalla offers climbing and bouldering on sandstone cliffs. 

For bouldering, Moe’s Valley has hundreds of bouldering problems with a wide range for all skill levels. And if you’re willing to drive a little ways from St. George, Zion National Park offers some of the most breathtaking climbing routes in the area, with big walls and gorgeous desert vistas.


When it comes to Utah rock climbing, Ogden is a classic area with easy access to the mountains. The area provides opportunities for bouldering in places like Castle Rock and Upper Boulder Field. The routes are mostly quartzite, but you’ll also see limestone and conglomerate. Some of the best crags near Ogden include 9th Street and School Room. Verona, Spicy Tuna Roll, the Traditionalist, and Rocketsauce provide a mix of traditional and sport climbs that have become classics. 


Provo may not be the place you envision when you think of Utah rock climbing, but don’t sleep on Provo climbing. Utah County hosts a number of hidden gems for rock climbing in Utah, from sport walls in American Fork Canyon to beginner and intermediate routes in Rock Canyon. For bouldering, make sure to explore Little Rock Canyon Boulders, which is a dedicated bouldering area with routes rated from V4 to V10. 

Indian Creek

Located near Moab, Indian Creek, which is also known as Bears Ear National Monument, is one of the best places for outdoor rock climbing in Utah. Indian Creek is a huge area that’s considered a mecca for crack climbing, offering everything from thin finger cracks to off-windths. Whether you’re a beginner or more advanced, you’ll find numerous routes to match your ability. While Indian Creek can be difficult to access–you’ll need a vehicle with high clearance or four-wheel drive–this area offers breathtaking views of the canyonlands that you won’t want to miss.  

Best Places for Indoor Rock Climbing

Outdoor Utah rock climbing is hard to beat, but sometimes, you just need to get your climbing fix regardless of inclement weather. Luckily, there are a number of indoor places for rock climbing in Utah. Here are some of the best indoor Utah rock climbing gyms: 

  1. Momentum: With locations in Millcreek, Sandy, and Lehi, Momentum is one of Utah’s premier indoor climbing gym chains. Both facilities offer a variety of climbing terrain, including bouldering, top rope, and lead climbing. 
  2. The Front: Located in SLC, Ogden, and Millcreek, the Front is a top-notch climbing gym known for its diverse routes and friendly atmosphere with bouldering, top rope, and lead climbing walls. The Front was founded in 1989 and was one of the country’s first commercial climbing gyms. 
  3. The Quarry: Located in Provo, the Quarry was built for and by climbers. The gym provides a range of climbing options with new routes and problems added weekly. 
  4. Rock Haus: Rockhaus in Logan is northern Utah’s premier climbing gym, with over 13,000 feet of bouldering and climbing routes. 
  5. Contact Climbing: Based in St. George, Contact Climbing is a popular climbing gym in the southern part of the state, with a variety of terrain as well as classes and youth programs. 

Finding the Right Climbing Gear 

Whether you prefer indoor rock climbing routes or the variety found outdoors, Utah has is all when it comes to rock climbing. For all your Utah rock climbing needs, General Army Navy Outdoor has the gear to get you vertical. From military surplus to climbing gear and outdoor essentials, you can find it all at General Army Navy Outdoor.

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